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MIC OPTOELECTRONIC.,LTD who specializes in led street light, led flood light and others led lights, in order to make our clients be assurance about our quality, we give the information of MIC 200W led street light B series as belowed:

1. Power consumption in nominal mode 200 W;

2. Rated mains voltage 220V (+/- 5%)

3. Diopazon supply voltage AC165-275 V

4. Frequency of a power line of 50 Hz (+/- 0,3%)

5. Power factor (cos ϕ) 0.98

6. Class of protection against electric shock 1

7. The presence of a supporting document from the manufacturer for the presence of grown diodes

8. Light flux of LEDs not less than 26 000 - 27 800 lm

9. Light output not less than 130 lm / W

10. Color temperature 4 500 - 5 000 K

11. Ra 85 color rendering index

12. Overall dimensions in the range from 645*330*109mm

13. Type of light intensity curve - wide

14. Operating temperature from -55 to + 60 ; (taking into account heating)

15. Type of climate performance UHL 1

16. The degree of protection from environmental exposure of at least IP 67

17. Luminaire housing of corrosion-resistant housing protection with polymer coating with impact protection IK 09

18. The material of the lens of optics is polycarbanate

19. The presence of silicone gasket on the connection of the driver compartment cover

20. Fastening console D pipe 50 - 65 mm2

21. Lamp weight not more than 6.5 kg

22. Resource of work of the lamp not less than 100 000 h

23. Factory warranty on the lamp from the manufacturer for 5 years (with a genuine application and seal from the manufacturer)

24. Short circuit protection

25. Availability of a certificate from the manufacturer or from an accredited laboratory to conduct the test LM-80

26. Dispersion of the lens of the lamp at least 140°

27. The presence of thermostatic function

28. Availability of protection against impulse voltages

29. The luminaire must have a dimming function with the presence of analog output 0- 10V


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3rd floor, D building ,12# Jinyuan first road, Heao, Henggang, Longgang district, Shenzhen, China